“Black Talon is the leader in cybersecurity solutions and HIPAA compliance in the dental and dental specialty market.  Gary and his team have years of experience and knowledge in cybersecurity, HIPAA and the dental industry. We felt like they were the absolute best choice to implement an intensive review and audit of our systems”

– Todd Blankenbecler, President/CEO of EasyRx.

“One of the primary responsibilities to our clients is to provide a secure network environment.  As part of Black Talon’s Dental Secure EcoSystem, we can learn from their experience and expertise to improve the security of our client’s network environments.  Sharing knowledge about this critical topic is essential in achieving that objective.  Integrity Solutions and other members of the Dental Secure EcoSystem will gain knowledge from each other and, as a result, improve the security of all networks.”
–David Senseman, President, Integrity Solutions Group.

“PBHS knows the importance of protecting our infrastructure from attack. We store a lot of ePHI and understand how imperative it is to protect the trust of our clients and their patients. Not only do I entrust my own company with Black Talon Security services, but I recommend them to my clients as well. They consistently audit and test the strength of our systems, networks, applications and services."
-Jay Levine, President of PBHS, Inc.